Smart Pick Welfare

The Smart Pick Welfare is a 12-man unit with a unique trailer system that can be delivered with a 4x4 jeep to any site, allowing for incredibly fast, cost effective delivery and collection. A wireless remote control system along with the trailers own automatic steering will allow you to position and unload the unit from your trailer without the need for a hi-ab crane. This unique delivery system has been expertly designed in such a way that just one trailer will have the potential to deliver multiple welfare units.

This revolutionary unit features a durable galvanised steel structure with a large spacious canteen for 10 people. There is also a generous office space for 2 people with its own external door as well as a toilet and drying room.

The Smart Pick is compact and well balanced for ease of towing with the ability to be extended from 5.4m to 7.2m on site to offer a larger unit.

Smart Pick Welfare also incorporates a Green X Power Management System, which dramatically reduces running time and fuel consumption.

The Smart Pick Welfare unit features numerous benefits compared to current mobile and static welfare units, and is set to have many uses in the future, not least within the construction industry.


  • 12 Person Welfare Unit
  • Easy to Transport (mobile & compact)
  • 4 x 4 Jeep and 1 Smart Pick Trailer can service up to 35 units offering huge savings on transport costs
  • Delivers a 5.4m Welfare Unit with the ability to be extended to 7.2m comprising of; canteen, office, drying room and toilet
  • Drying Room Heating can be ran for 3 hours after work
  • Eco Friendly Features; Low Fuel Consumption, Low Water Consumption, Low Noise Pollution
  • Cost Effective and Faster Delivery

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